Philspace, Santa Fe, Summer 2015



A tiny outpost on a doomed planet

A team of scientists and adventurers traversing dimensions

In a race against time to save infinite worlds


It was a hundred years ago, in 2051, that the ISQ team arrived here, from another earth just like ours — under siege from industrial destruction. Setting up a secret outpost at the freezing end of our planet, they managed to do for us what they could not do for their own — save our world. Their tragic story is now part of our history. 


An introduction to the Polar World – past, present, future.  


With this anniversary exhibit, we hope to remind visitors of our ongoing mission to preserve the delicate and critical ecosystems that sustain our balanced climate . We also hope to honor the buoyant history of early polar exploration and the wild beauty of the extreme icy landscapes, from the astonishing pristine icescapes to the auroras that light the night sky, and the deep blue seas lively with beings, from the microscopic phyto-plankton to the great whales that sing to each other across vast oceans.